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Below are the different types of advertising services we provide.
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How to get an adtracking url?

To get adtracking url, enter x23 in front of your desired username
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Email Advertising (23 Ads)
All our paid emails are solo emails, so your ad will get full attention!

Search Advertising (74 Ads)
We only send two ads per Search engine per day!

PTC Advertising (44 Ads)
Here you can find our CashPTCs, Cash/ContestPTCs, SearchPTCs and NoProxyPTCs!

PTP Page Advertising (50 Ads)
Here you can find ads which are located at our PTP page! These ads are used fast!

Point ads for PTP links (12 Ads)
Profitable ads for your ptp links!

Banner Impressions & Sidelinks @mainpage (9 Ads)
Here you can find main page banner impressions and sidelinks!

Paid to Signup Advertising (9 Ads)
We guarantee that referrals you get wll stay active for at least one month! Please note that Paid to signup ads can't be targetted to certan countries.

Upgraded Memberships (8 Ads)
Here you can find upgraded memberships of PolarPTR

Specials (3 Ads)

Funds upload (4 Ads)
Upload cash to your account

* This ad allows targeting. Price determined after choosing targets.